D E L T A   C O L L A B O R A T I V E 

In a divided America, we seek to find common ground between different political and cultural communities over a shared concern for the environment. We do this through conversations about sustainability, justice, and activism in Middle and Southern America.


We believe the environment is a shared concern.

We all depend on the environment for resources, a home, food, and more. A changing climate, increasingly unpredictable weather patterns, fewer resources, and land loss mean more and more people (especially those who are already marginalized) are at risk of famine, losing their homes, disease, and conflict.

We are feminist, anti-racist, and anti-class.

For us, environmentalism must be sustainable and just. In achieving this we must understand it to be inherently tied to issues of the patriarchy, racism, and class. We understand these ideas to be intertwined systemically, and only properly addressed jointly. We also believe that these ideas are a privilege, and often find ourselves working in communities who abide by different sets of values and knowledges. Although it is an oftentimes painful struggle, we strive to practice radical empathy in such situations, and recognize the privilege in even being able to do just that. 

We critique both the liberal and conservative environmental discourses.

The dominant environmentalism of today has been created by and for coastal, liberal elites. Liberal environmentalism is wrought with privilege and contradiction. On the other hand, powerful corporations and wealthy individuals who profit off of the exploitation of the environment have shaped today’s anti-environmentalism. These voices have implanted anti-environmentalism within the conservative discourse, influenced politics, and squashed efforts to better the environment. The binary of these two discourses is to the detriment of us all. Our vision is that people of all political affiliations, identities, and cultures can come to agree on localized solutions to environmental problems with a global awareness to secure a habitable planet for our future. 

We do not have all of the answers.

To claim anything different would be a fallacy. As has been done time and time again by corporations, religious groups, outsider non-profits, and even the federal government. Instead, we believe solutions should be championed by the people who call a place home.