A BRIEF HISTORY (of the future)

The sun does not shine so bright in the 22nd century. This is a time of thick polluted air, of watersheds choked with plastic bags, and fish upturned and smelling. This is a time of pale trees and quieting forests. At the dawn of this century cities had swollen to one hundred times there size as people left their homes, escaping natural disaster and war. Crops failed because there were no bees, they couldn't withstand droughts, and major bug infestations killed off large genetically identical crops. Amidst widespread suffering violence broke out, everywhere, while elites continued to accumulate wealth. The effects of climate change were felt in ways scientists had been warning of for decades, never taken seriously by the world’s leading powers.

2101 marked the centennial anniversary of America’s refusal to ratify the Kyoto Protocol. As this event was a stain on the state of the world to come, this date was remembered and memorialized in mass protests from Scandinavia and Siberia (the farthest land masses in the north) to Paraguay and United SouthAsia (the land masses farthest south); from the United West Coast of America to New Timbuktu. By 2102, Delta Collaborative had been formed in the midst of utter chaos and disaster, we stand amazed at the phoenix like rise of hope within humanity, and quickly became the leading underground organization fighting these injustices through space-time dilation. Delta Collaborative’s first members came from all walks of life and professions. They were a motley group of Story-Keepers, former water dealers, university students, mechanics, one or two troubadours, and two scientists and an engineer from the Earth Institute.

Space-time travel had been first achieved in 2089 and made available to commercial purveyors in 2094.  Initial research of this technology was first completed at the Earth Institute, funded by 182 independent nations and unions, but quickly was bought up by commercial purveyors including the Koch brothers, and Musk Zuck inc. Many of the wealthy class were quick to create time-dilated minute trust funds for their posterity, believing that they may someday need to escape to a more peaceful past time and place. To ensure that time-travel would not pose a threat to the status-quo, each time-dilated minute was marketed at a base minimum of 50 million dollars (eliminating the majority of humanity’s ability to access this technology), and regulations were set in place to prohibit any tinkering of past events. Despite these precautions, there were two separate attempts to manipulate history in 2094 (on the educational tour of 1938 and the cruise of 1981); those involved in these attempts have not been seen since. By the end of 2094 all space-time dilation excursions were heavily monitored and policed by the newly created Bureau of Space-Time Affairs and the Space-Time Police Department (STPD).

Between 2102 and 2112, forced to meet in the carcasses of vacant libraries, abandoned malls, and friendly basements, Delta Collaborators focused on mapping out the main causes for the world’s turmoil and to pinpoint events in history when things went astray. During the record-breaking heat of August, 2112, eight members of Delta Collaborative were arrested and taken prisoner by the STPD for plotting to tinker with the past. Three were never heard from again. Two were able to escape: Emma and Elena.

Fearing for their lives, for the failure of their plans, and fearing for the planet, the two went into hiding. For nine months they waited. In 2113 they successfully stole TIMESHIP #39 from the Koch Foundation, which had been illegally chartering it in order to enjoy disco parties of the 1970’s. Although learned, Elena and Emma had no experience driving a TIMESHIP. At first, hoping to return to 1950, they ended up in New Orleans, Louisiana, 2018.

And so, Emma and Elena embarked upon their journey in January of 2113 to encourage love and compassion for other humans and creatures on earth, but mostly to ask people to think of all the other possible futures.

In loving memory of Shuji Kawaguchi, María Hooke, Dr. Neil Simona Butler, Donx Anahi Lombardi, Saneeya Hussain Khan, Aurik Weber, and the rest of Delta Collaborative. We wouldn’t be here without you.