TIMESHIP #39 is a mobile environmental museum.

By being mobile we are able to visit communities large and small across America to involve more people in conversation about the environment.

We are fantastical, creative, and fun.

We resist stoking fears concerning the environment. This is an unproductive and incapacitating method to make change, which we believe has been used for too long and resulted in inaction and climate denial. We present environmentalism as accessible and approachable.

We are realistic.

Visions of the future often present the world as pristine, clean, efficient, and technological, leaving out the conflicts that have plagued society for generations and are likely to persist: class, race, and the way human activity has already drastically damaged the earth. We choose to be realistic in reckoning with these issues, in order to come to terms with the world we live in. From here we may work to imagine a future that has proper mechanisms of addressing these issues, rather than being blind of them.

We seek participation.

TIMESHIP #39 is participatory. It is built to grow and change with the experiences of the people who come onboard. We hope that, over time, the museum may become a living reflection of the environmental experiences, dreams, and imaginings that shape this country.

We believe in the power of grassroots movements.

We aim to converse across cultural and political boundaries about the environment. We believe the environment is the foundation for all social issues, therefore environmentalism must be rooted in local experiences. Within a divided country we believe it is important to cross cultural and political boundaries to unite over our shared resource: the environment. Through putting the environment within the context of the future we may begin the foundations of creating a better world for everyone on earth.